Gov. Jerry Brown proposes Trailer Bill reconciling MCRSA and AUMA regulations

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Gov. Jerry Brown proposes Trailer Bill reconciling MCRSA and AUMA regulations

On Wednesday, April 5th, Governor Jerry Brown released a 79-page proposal aimed at cleaning up the conflicts between the MCRSA and AUMA.

The proposal, known as the Trailer Bill, harmonizes the regulatory requirements for both medical and recreational without changing the two separate categories of license types. All licenses will be separated into two distinct classes for commercial adult-use marijuana cannabis activity or commercial medical cannabis activity, affixing an “A” or “M”.  The requirements for A-licenses and M-licenses shall be the same.

Some of the proposed solutions for reconciling contradicting regulation or overseeing departments are summarized in the chart below:

Reconciling Differences

Other notable changes include proposals to delete the requirement for state-issued medicinal ID cards, as over 80% of patients use their physician’s recommendation, and provides the county with the authority to issue local cards.

A licensee may not sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco products on or at a licensed location. However, the restriction barring retailers of alcoholic beverages under Division 9 or of tobacco products from holding a commercial cannabis license are removed.

Beginning January 1, 2018, a licensee may sell cannabis or cannabis products that have not been tested for a limited and finite time as determined by the bureau but must have a label affixed to each package stating product has not been tested.

The proposed Trailer Bill sets the stage for a clearer regulatory framework, eliminates ambiguity, reduces complexity and duplication while protecting the rights established by voters in both Proposition 215 and AUMA.

To review all the changes, please see the full text.

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